cantonal offices for applications for exemption from compulsory health insurance

Cantonal offices for requests for exemption from compulsory health insurance

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Who must take out KVG basic insurance in Switzerland at all

Basic insurance according to the KVG is a compulsory insurance in Switzerland for every person residing in Switzerland.

When you enter Switzerland for the first time, you usually have three months to choose a health insurance company and sign up for it.

If you do not meet the deadline, you will be assigned to a KVG facility by the municipality. These facilities usually have more expensive premiums than other health insurance plans. You will also have to pay a fine for late registration. For this reason, it makes sense to take care of your health insurance in time.

The insurance starts in any case from the date of entry, even if you take out the health insurance only after 2 months, because the basic insurance is also obliged to pay you benefits (here all KVG benefits at a glance), if you have health costs within these 3 months.

There are exceptions to the obligation to insure

Form for exemption from the KVG insurance obligation

There are indeed situations where one can be exempted from the insurance obligation according to the KVG. For this purpose, an application must be submitted to the cantonal office. The Health Directorate of the Cantonal Office examines the application and decides whether you can be exempted from compulsory insurance or not.

There are several situations where this may be the case. Each canton has its own forms and procedures, so you should contact the health department of your canton of residence directly.


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