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Health insurance for your dog or cat

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Pet insurance for your little darling

Insurance for your pet is quite useful. Just as we humans go to the doctor from time to time, our dear animals also have to go to the vet sometimes and have one or the other examination – or even a treatment directly.

With pet insurance, you cover the financial risk of your pet’s medical care.

The modular structure of the various solutions allows you to set up protection for your pet individually – tailored exactly to what you need for your pet.

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What pet insurance covers

You can think of this as a health insurance for animals. In fact, dog or cat insurance covers the costs of treatment due to illness and accident of your best friend. Basic benefits usually include veterinary treatments and medications, surgeries, as well as costs for laboratory diagnostic tests and radiological examinations.

Depending on the package taken out, other costs such as emergency transport, rehabilitation, preventive examinations and treatments, oncological treatments, and more can be insured.

In addition, you can choose your deductible in each insurance level, which will change your premium accordingly.


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Insure the health of your pets

Ensure optimal protection for your four-legged friends – at home and on vacation.

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Important to know when taking out pet insurance

When comparing the different pet insurance offers, you should pay attention to the deductibles and the scope of benefits. You also need to know that a pet health insurance usually has a maximum entry age for your dog or cat: very often the maximum entry age is 6 years.

Once your pet is insured, you can keep the insurance for the life of your pet.

One is the health of the animal, the other is the impact on the environment. As a pet owner, if you have personal liability insurance, you are already covered under the basic coverage for damage caused by your pet to third parties. In some cantons it is even obligatory as a dog owner to take out a private liability insurance. The amount of coverage depends on the canton, see

If you are not the owner of a horse and ride rented horses / horses of third parties, then it is recommended to cover the corresponding additional module in the private liability. If an accident happens while riding due to your oversight, it can be quite expensive. In some insurance policies, you can even specifically mention whether you also participate in horse shows and whether or not these should also be included.

Some providers also allow pet insurance to be included in the household policy. In most cases, however, it is only an accident insurance and therefore a benefit for illness of a cat or dog is not insured.

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