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You can save up to 25% on premiums: the chosen insurance model and deductible have a big impact. It is smart to save on basic insurance and insure the benefits that are important to you through specific supplementary insurance.

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Cover the gaps from the basic insurance with the appropriate supplementary insurances.


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Health insurance is complicated – but it can also be simple. Get an overview of the most important topics and insight into how the system works here.

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Calculate your premiums. If you see significant differences, you should consider switching to a different health insurance provider.

The previous health insurance company must notify you of its new premium in writing by October 31 at the latest and inform you of the right to cancel. The basic insurance can be received by the health insurance company on December 31 in writing by registered mail until November 30! Be sure to observe the time for the postal service. Notice of termination may also be given and confirmed at an agency of the appropriate health insurance company.

Supplementary insurances can only be cancelled if there is a premium increase. Otherwise, the notice period of 3 months applies to the end of each year. Thus, in these cases, the notice of termination must be received by the health insurance company by the end of September. Again, by registered mail or delivered to an agency and confirmed.

No when changing the basic insurance

Yes for a change of supplementary insurances

The compulsory health insurance company must accept you regardless of age and health condition. For all supplementary insurances, the health insurance company may reject individual modules or as a whole without justification. Therefore, it is always necessary to wait for the confirmation before canceling the previous supplementary insurance.

The deductible can always be increased or decreased at the end of the year. A decrease in the deductible is possible until November 30 and an increase in the deductible until December 31.

It is valid that the notification is always received by the last working day in that month.

Yes, this is possible without any problems.

A health insurance company may not cancel the supplementary insurance just because you have cancelled the basic insurance.

No: As of December 31, all outstanding amounts such as premiums and participations must be paid. Otherwise, the previous health insurance company will refuse the withdrawal.

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