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How should I insure my motorcycle

What insurance is compulsory, which coverage does really make sense and where to save premiums – we will be happy to show you all this

You bought a new motorcycle and now you want to insure it – but what should you look out for and what do you really need.
Motorcycle insurance has different components, exactly like car insurance.
We will show you what components are compulsory, and the ones which are recommended or when they make sense.


Only liability insurance is mandatory for motorcycle insurance in Switzerland. Why? Because you are a participant of the public road traffic and you absolutely need a coverage for possible damages to other persons and vehicles, because this is a concrete risk which cannot be prevented.

Gross negligence and bonus protection

Gross negligence and bonus protection are normally always included in our offers. These additional modules are relatively cheap but very important: the waiver of recourse in case of gross negligence guarantees you protection even if a damage occurs due to your disregard of a traffic law (for example: crossing the intersection with a red light and there is a collision). But beware – both have limits: the gross negligence is not insured in case of driving in an incapable state, such as fatigue, or under the influence of alcohol, drugs and medication. Bonus protection has a maximum number of claims per year – after 3 claims in a row your bonus level will decrease even with bonus protection.

Protective clothing

An additional goodie is the protective clothing insurance that some insurance companies offer as an extra. This insures the value of your protective clothing if it is damaged in an accident. If you wear very expensive protective clothing and this is very important to you, then it is advantageous to have such an add-on in the motorcycle insurance.

Full comprehensive casco

In addition, you can insure damage to your own motorcycle or scooter with a comprehensive motorcycle insurance. This is available for damage to your vehicle that is not dependent on you (partial coverage) and damage or damage caused by yourself (for example, in the event of a fall). Fully comprehensive insurance is optional, except for leased vehicles.

Parking damage

Parking damage is covered by comprehensive insurance in certain situations. However, this is often available as an additional module. This coverage pays you compensation if someone damages your parked motorcycle or scooter and no “guilty” can be found.

Passengers Accident

Including accident insurance for you and your passengers in the motorcycle insurance is not always necessary, but it can be very important in certain situations. People living in Switzerland must be insured against accidents by their health insurance or employer. In case you (ofte) take foreign persons with you, an accident insurance including passengers makes sense, as this supplement would substitue the coverage for healing costs which would be provided by health insurance or the coverage of he employer for residents in Switzerland.


In case of emergency, an assistance service is very useful. Before taking out this coverage in a motorcycle insurance, please clarify if you are already covered by a travel insurance for breakdowns while driving. There are even health insurance companies that sometimes offer travel insurance, including roadside assistance. So here you need to clarify in advance if you already have this coverage elsewhere. If not, we recommend the assistance and roadside assistance, because you can rely on the right service in case of emergency and the further procedure will be organized for you.

All these modules can be combined individually. In any case, it makes sense to make a comparison of the offers of the companies, because for the same service each company may have a different tariff.

We make a comparison of the different offers and send you the offers with the best price-performance ratio.

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