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Coverage and support in case of disputes

In various life situations, disagreements may arise between several parties.

With legal protection insurance, you can cover the most important areas to avoid high costs and have the right legal advice at your side when it matters.


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Private legal protection insurance

What’s inside

This module includes the services you might encounter in legal situations in your everyday life, such as family, tenant, employment, criminal and contract law.


Private legal protection in detail:

Legal protection for individuals covers most of the situations of a person in everyday life. In particular, the following areas are covered: Internet law, victim assistance, criminal law, damages, public construction law, property law, employment law, contract law, patient law, inheritance law and insurance law.

Traffic legal protection

Insured in public transport

As is already easily recognizable, this protection serves in legal situations when participating in public transport.

Traffic legal protection in detail: Driver’s license reinstatement, victim assistance, criminal law, damages, administrative proceedings, insurance and vehicle contract law.

Real estate legal protection

For property

Assistance in case of disagreement with the construction that ruins your view, for example, or in case of changes in the common areas, or in case of litigation of your apartment that you sublet – such services are included in the real estate legal protection insurance.

Real estate legal protection in detail:

The following roles in real estate law are covered by this insurance: landlord, tenant, lessor, lessee and owner.

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Insured are always the benefits listed in the policy, or in the corresponding insurance conditions.

Normally, these benefits include: Attorney’s fees, expert opinions, court costs, compensation for witnesses, penalty order and counterparty costs.

Mostly excluded are costs for fines and penalties, own misdemeanors, already occurred cases before conclusion of the insurance and intentionally committed acts.

Legal disputes often result in high costs. Legal expenses insurance does not spare you from the dispute itself, but it does protect you from the financial consequences. A disagreement that is legally dragged on can happen to anyone at some point – whether as the accuser or the accused. Since the legal protection insurance for private persons takes effect in various legal areas of everyday life, a legal protection insurance can certainly be recommended. However, it is particularly important to insure the legal risks that could be used effectively – because not everyone needs all, or the same, insurance modules.

You, as the policyholder, are insured as an individual in various roles, for example, employee, policyholder, patient, tenant, consumer, public transport participant, etc.

The legal areas that are insured are based on the selected modules.

In an insurance policy, you can take out coverage for yourself as an individual, or transfer it to your family members (living in the same household).

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