The most important insurances

Insurance for the home

Personal liability:

Although this is not obligatory, it is highly recommended. Personal liability insurance protects you against damage that you cause to other people or their property. Annual premium approx. CHF 100 for individuals and CHF 150 for families.

Liability exists by law and if this is not insured, you can be held liable with all your assets.

Household effects:

With household contents insurance, your belongings are insured within the home and optionally also against theft outside the home. Electrical devices such as laptops or cell phones can also be insured against damage, as can all-risk cover for valuable bicycles. Annual premium from approx. 200, depending on the type of cover and insurance company.

As a rule, personal liability insurance is taken out together with household contents insurance. Depending on the insurance company, other insurances such as legal protection or buildings can also be insured under the same policy.

Rental deposit:

Instead of the conventional rental deposit, where several thousand francs are blocked, you can take out deposit insurance. Annual premium approx. 150 (approx. 4% of the rental deposit).

You can easily take out this insurance directly online.

Physical and financial health

Supplementary health insurance:

In addition to the compulsory basic insurance, there are various supplementary insurances available, among other things to close gaps in the basic insurance. Hospital services, fitness, glasses and contact lenses, alternative medicine and other benefits can be improved.

You can make a comparison directly here:

Pillar 3a:

With pillar 3a, you can make provisions for the future and enjoy a nice pension. In addition, up to Fr. 2,500 in taxes can be saved.

The following reasons speak in favor of pillar 3a:

  • Save taxes every year
  • Protect yourself and your family
  • Home financing
  • Improve pension provision

With an insurance solution, you often receive a guarantee that is only valid when the contract expires. Advice is highly recommended here so that you choose the best option for you.

It often makes sense to diversify your pillar 3a in several tranches.

Here you can get a comparison and the appropriate advice:

Life insurance:

If you have a family, own your own home, are self-employed or would like to provide for a possible disability (IV), life insurance makes sense.

Here you will receive an offer and the necessary help:

Travel and leisure insurance

Travel insurance:

Travel insurance can cover the costs of accommodation, flights, events and concerts in the event of personal incapacity.

Take out travel insurance directly online here:

Hunter or horse tenant liability:

Special liability cover is mandatory for hunters. If you ride horses that do not belong to you, you should take this into account in your cover.

Classic car insurance:

There is special cover for classic cars where mechanical damage is also insured. Anyone who suffers engine or gearbox damage while driving is therefore insured for the repair or total loss.

Valuables insurance:

Watches, jewelry, antiques or items with emotional value can be insured against theft, loss and damage.


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