You need a certificate of insurance to register your vehicle at the cantonal road traffic office. Vehicle insurance is compulsory and therefore a confirmation that the vehicle is insured is required. You can continue to use existing plates for the new vehicle or apply for new plates. Often the wrong insurance certificates are issued and so the vehicle cannot then be redeemed. For this purpose, we have prepared a list with the correct reasons and codes so that the insurance certificate is issued correctly.

The insurance certificate is issued by us and sent electronically to the road traffic licensing office within a short time. This means that your vehicle can be redeemed immediately.

The redemption of your car, motorbike, scooter, van or other vehicle can be done by post or directly at the Road Traffic Office.

Opening hours: As a rule, the road traffic licensing offices are open from 08.00 hrs until 16.00 hrs.

Alternatively, you can order the insurance certificate from the insurance company.

You can order a comparison for your car insurance or motorbike insurance here and enter it under comments if you need a certificate of insurance right away.

Alternatively, you can order the insurance certificate directly via the oneZone insurance app.