ÖKK Prevention – Expansion of coverage from the health account

Good news for all ÖKK members and future ÖKK customers:

The ÖKK health insurance company has included even more areas in the scope of coverage in order to offer customers an even richer range of services from the category of promoting health.

These are in particular the BikeBonus and the NodicBonus – two new categories that have been expanded.

In the BikeBonus, ÖKK supplementary insurants now receive a contribution (exactly 50% up to CHF 300.-) not only for courses, but also for the bicycle and accessories, such as bicycle helmet, bicycle lighting, ergonomic saddle, and bicycle service.

With NordicBonus, ÖKK customers benefit from refunds also in the area of cross-country skiing, namely for the pass and lessons.

Here you can download the list of all benefits for preventive measures ÖKK – valid from 01.04.2023

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